Side By Side Worldwide

Side By Side, Worldwide. DGR has brought hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists together to ride dapper on the same day, all around the world since 2012. Despite the distance and oceans between them, distinguished gentlefolk have united over a joint passion for classic style, motorcycling and doing good for men’s health. The DGR 2024 poster is inspired by exactly that. It features 3 different riders, 3 different motorcycles, riding in 3 colors all for one cause.


The official DGR poster cannot be altered in any way. The text and colors cannot change, and parts of it cannot be cut out and used elsewhere.

If there is a need for an alternative date or having a local poster please contact DGR HQ and it can be created.

Silversteed Logo

The Silversteed logo is the official registered DGR logo.

In 2019, the official DGR logo was updated. Please ensure the current logo is being used.

Changes are as follows:
1. Registered mark
2. White outline on the helmet
3. No texture on the helmet

It can be used on light and dark backgrounds.

Any logos prior to the 2019 refresh are now redundant.



Silversteed Logo Spacing

To maintain a safe space around the entire Silversteed logo, make sure that nothing encroaches within the marked area. The safe space is half the width of Silversteed’s face (X) around the widest & tallest point of the logo.



Text Logo (Angled & Straight)

The angled DGR logo is another logo that remains the same year on year. It is available in both light and dark for varying background colors. This logo can also be straightened up so it sits horizontally.

The banner will always remain red, as do the stars, ‘live tweed, ride dapper’ text color can change to be either black or white, dependent on the background.


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride maintains a conversational, informative, and playful character voice throughout its communications. It does, however, vary slightly based on the context it is used in.

Character Voice

The DGR character is Sir Remington Silversteed, a fictional character who represents the cause area’s core demographic – middle-aged men who are at-risk of prostate cancer and mental health issues. He also represents the classic dress code and behavior of the event. While Remington represents the men in our lives that we want to live happier and healthier lives, and he encourages all genders and cultures to get involved to support all men.

General Website & Social Media

Simple, playful & entertaining, using non-colloquial language to make translating easy. We use globally recognized jargon to boost engagement. When using literary techniques including similes and metaphors, they often contain this jargon. Responding to comments on social media directly to followers, we are always conversational, empathetic, and respectful to keep in-line with the expected behavior of the event.

Programs & Men’s Health

Formal and education tone to provide a clear and concise message. We follow the lead of Movember, who are the professionals when it comes to men’s health. We do adapt our unique tone to general copy, however, we refer to them for messages relating to immediate mental health support, programs, and funding-related enquiries.

Our Community

DGR is a heavily community orientated event, comprising of vastly different cultures and all genders. When referencing our collective audience, we use the term “Gentlefolk” rather than Gentlemen/ Gentlewomen. The event name remains as The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride as it refers to fundraising for prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Official Accounts

Follow and tag our official accounts as per below.


Official Hashtags

Make sure to use the official hashtags listed below.

  • #GentlemansRide
  • #DGR2024
  • #RideDapper
  • #SideBySideWorldwide